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Priest's Message

Advent 2015

My Dearly Beloved in Christ.

At this time every year, we have an opportunity to pause and remember the birth of Jesus that happened more than 2,000 years ago as the King of Kings in the form of an infant.  When we think of Christ at the time of His birth, we can’t help but reminded of His meekness and humility as He took the form of flesh. 

In addition, we, with the whole Church, are opening the Year of Mercy, when we try to live with the Mercy of God.  Let us share this Mercy to others especially with our family members – and recognize the Mercy of God the Father in the face of Jesus Christ.

I would also like to extend my prayerful best wishes for a Holy and Blessed Christmas to each one of you.  Indeed, my prayer during this Advent Season is that each of you find time to reflect on your own faith and relationship with the Lord Jesus and His Church.  Whatever it is that our hearts and souls desire whether we realize it or not our ultimate desire is Jesus Himself. For this reason, we are filled with joy and consolation at Christmas to know that all that we hoped for has been fulfilled in the person of the Christ Child.

Christmas has a way of bringing to Church individuals and families who, for various reasons, have not been to Mass or the sacraments for months or years. What a wonderful and grace-filled opportunity to put aside past differences and old habits and begin anew that prayerful relationship with the Lord and His church community!  I extend to all of you an open, grateful heart of welcome.  

In doing that, on behalf of St. John’s, I offer you a book “Rediscover Jesus” written by Mathew Kelly as a gift, hoping that you find intimacy with Jesus again. Together, may we grow in grace to know and celebrate God’s presence in our lives and His dominion over all the things of this world.

May our Lord Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem, bless you, your families and loved ones at this special time of hope and grace.  May Mary, the Mother of the Child Jesus and our own Mother, watch over you and our beloved St. John the Baptist Church.  I hope to meet each of you in church.  May Christ always abide in your hearts.


Sincerely Yours,

​Fr. Thuong Hoai Nguyen